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This October’s Blue Sky Mail

Hi dear gems,

I've managed to finish and post the Blue Sky Mail content for the month of October. So yay, good news. And now moving into the month of November. It started to snow here and it's 32º F. On the plus side, the snow is very sparkly and looks like it got put there by fairies.

This Halloween I didn't do much unfortunately. I tried to participate in the Inktober event on instagram, and I really was glad that I got to draw one nice drawing for it this year. 🥹

It was nice to be able to accomplish that, especially with my new schedule.

Anyways, what is in this October Blue Sky Mail?

The Mini Print:

The idea prompt that sparked this piece was WITCH. And because I prefer the earthy, closer to nature looking witches, that's what I chose for this design. A lot of the time, when I think of witches, I think of the people with knowledge on how things work in unconventional ways. It doesn't seem to matter where in the world, it seems that the ancient world never really left us.

The Sticker:

So this little sticker is from my old painting that I had not finished a long time ago when my old old MacBook Pro died. It took me some time to replace it having to move to the opposite coast etc. So I never got to finish the artwork and it waited, I guess for this month, to be complete!

I hope you enjoyed the October Blue Sky Mail ,

Love, Leanna 🧚🏼‍♀️

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