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November Rewards list

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Dear patrons and supporters,

November has started and it's such a beautiful weather here in Oregon. It's grey, windy, moody, and sometimes streaks of sunshine flow back down through the clouds. There is something so amazing about the Fall weather,... "Autumn". It's kind of surprising to me every year, how after enjoying the wonderful warmth and long days of Summer, I am not in dismay at the loss of warmth and the loss of daylight, but savoring instead the Earth's chaotic transformation into the new season.🍂✨

Granted, it requires tools to enjoy this, such as warm clothing and foods, and shelter from the icy winds and the rain. In fact, I suspect that it is thanks to these tools and the ability to remove the discomforts that allow me to observe the beauty of it.

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