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Art Gallery News 2021✨Bonus Phone Wallpaper✨

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Hi hi!

Such good news, my new painting, the Night Mycena fairy and The Sun And The Moon were Created in 2020. This painting was made during a time when it seemed that the whole world was facing a tough challenge and having to make decisions as a world-wide community. Some of those decisions completely changed the fabric of our daily lives. And, just like the fairy in this painting, we have been sitting under the night sky, with the uncertainty of countless possible choices that may or may not lead to solutions.

So that’s pretty much what it was like for me. And so I drew this scene, in which she is sitting , pondering through the night, maybe she will realize that she is sitting on a mushroom. Notoriously, mushrooms have been a representation of a catalyst for the mind and understanding, and sometimes represent a key to a solution.

I wanted to paint that despite the difficulties we have faced as humanity altogether, we can often find a way, either in nature, or within ourselves, if only we can focus long enough on the solution.

The Sun and The Moon is a tale of love beyond the need to be loved, beyond circumstances and beyond expectations. It's hard for my to explain it because there's so much I want to say about it. I'll just have to let the image and its thousand words do the talking instead...

These pieces were shipped to Austria, and was scheduled to be at the Paks Gallery, in Munich (exhibition: the form of expression) from May to July 5th 2021. Later in Vienna (exhibition :Another world) from July 12 to December 23rd, 2021, I think.

(Schedule and locations may change, you may contact the PAKS gallery to find out more, or if you would like to purchase my artwork there.)

To celebrate, this month' Blue Sky Mail includes this piece as a mini print!

Also I made a cute phone Wallpaper that you can have right here.

And if you visit the gallery yourself or get the wallpaper, share your selfies with the hashtag #mycenafairyatpaksgallery and I will reshare in my stories.

Support Me 👇🏼✨

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