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June Blue Sky Mail and app badges update

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hi dear gems,

Today I packed the Blue Sky Mail for June, and also worked on putting up those cute icons on the website.

I think packing stuff is one of the best part of having a shop. I always loved going to paper shop in France because my favorite ones always wrapped all your goodies with such beautiful stuff. Ahhh, some day I get to do that, I used to think. And so I am always extra happy if I get to make my little store that much more like that vibe for me. And hopefully it feels nice for you as well. ☺️ 🛍

Today I got to include a brand new Blue Sky Mail person, and when it's your first Blue Sky Mail you do get the OG sticker. So yay!

I decided to decorate the envelopes a little more and added a shop sticker. I thought it looked nice and maybe harder to lose in transit.

Then I had to jump into the updating of the website with the new icons I created. But then I was reminded that for the badges I had to turn them into real vector files. So I basically had to learn how to make vectors today. 😆 So even though I haven't gone through all the site and the app yet, I got painted all the new badges into vector form ( because the website wasn't going to accept anything less 🥲) And voila! I hope you like your new badges. Hehe.

A lot of things seem like they weren't working but I ended up simply learning new ways to get them to work, and it was quite a full day.

I hope you all enjoy this little studio update.

Love, Leanna ✨🧚🏼‍♀️

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