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Autumn Holiday update.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

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My dear patrons and friends,

I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday time since this Thursday. I've been slightly in a somber and panicky mood, trying to keep it light, but at the same time I wonder "will I get it done?" And of course, just as expected I stared for entire hours at the different contents I created to share in the festivities with you all and ended up with this weird paralyzing what to start with first, and then getting discouraged that I couldn't choose and then anyways. So today, to fight this bad habit, I decided to just,... go for it anyway, so that I will not be able to say things like, "ah, now that I missed this deadline, I can't post any of all these, because now it's too late". So I thought of it like a postcard. Some brilliant thought that popped in 💡✨! 😅 ! So like a postcard, ok! Why a postcard? Well, You always get them late and it's ok, usually it's always nice because you suddenly find out someone was thinking of you and sent you the lowdown on some stuff going on, and so... Today I had that thought and it was reassuring and so I decided, ok, even if I wasn't posting for Thanksgiving and didn't get into the whole world sharing thoughts and well-being together, I can send an after thought postcard type thing and still put in all the work and energy I wanted to put into it.

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