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Leanna Szín is a fantasy fine arts creator and storyteller born in France.

Leanna Szin's work was exhibited in PAKS Gallery in Munich in 2021

Being the offspring of a very varied multicultural family, she grew up closely connected with a multitude of backgrounds, including French, Hungarian, Caribbean, and South American.


She started surrounding herself with folklore since childhood. She also received an education with a strong focus on history, biology, physics, and chemistry. And later on, she curved her studies toward a classical drawing education, 2D traditional animation, and VFX at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Later on, continued with practicing her skills and interests on her own.

She currently lives in the United States. 

My artist statement

Since as far as I can remember, I have been seduced by myths, legends, folklore, concepts of fantasy, and the fictitious magical world. I cannot recall the countless missed opportunities that I carelessly stomped through or ignored while deliberately letting myself be distracted from reality. And yes, I wanted to find and become part of something rather magical in some way and came full circle when I realized life was the magical miracle in itself.As I searched high and low for all the knowledge I could find, and which I tried to soak up like a sponge, and became fond of the brilliance of people from around the world, and the many things humans have left behind from the past for the rest of us to enjoy or learn from. And along the way, I began to also participate in the responsibilities that come with giving life, so I also turned all of my focus and attention to try to achieve a cozy, organize and secure life, and also what I summarize in the term "elf world" of "elf land": an existence of beautiful cozy or ingenious things in harmony nature.

And then, when I started to notice how overwhelmingly, and inexplicably magical life actually is, I began to create art again, it mixes my fantastical interests I garnered from the worldwide human minds that shared their stories across time. In a similar way to how myths and legends often try to pull us into moments of wisdom in this life, I try to encourage acceptance of our human-ness, in a world of profound scaring. There is something from our past that we can all strive to be just like a sort of blueprint of inner well-being. I think of it as reconciliation between our views on reality and the magic that seems to seep through our oldest of folklores. Even if it's not the solution to fix anything, that's what I decided to do to deal with it all.  I use whatever media matching best with each story I am excited about telling, I’m basically saying, “It’s ok to dream, and it’s ok to be part of this real life world too.” And, perhaps I will find hope along the way, or courage, or strength, or joy. And maybe we all get to.

I try look at life, even ever-so-briefly, from our whimsical selves, before we got serious and disillusioned, and this transpires in my works.

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