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Leanna Szín

My Little Art Studio & Shop Online



step into my little mystical art sanctuary, where the whispers of my creativity echo softly, channeling the essence of darkness, light and colors. 

If my creations resonate with you, welcome, and may you find solace in the work. Within the virtual walls of my website, I share parts of my works as I delve into the enigmatic realms of folklore, the secrets of the past, and the allure of supernatural beings.

Drawn to introspection and solitude, I find comfort in the world I craft, an interlude from the commotion of the outside. May your visit to this artistic reverie be a pleasant one.

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Latest PostsFor My Patrons And Visitors

Hi! I post rewards and bonus content for my patrons and visitors. 

Creating content for patrons allows me to share content about my art and life as an artist. Having patrons who support my works allows me to fund my creations and more ability to create more content for you.